Interface (Front End)

Dashboard Login Issue


Dashboard functionality continues to operate normally since 4:16 PM EDT on 21 April. Full retrospective is posted here on our blog:


Dashboard functionality has been restored since 4:16 PM EDT on 21 April. Auth0 has reported full resolution. Full retrospective to follow.


While we await an official update from Auth0, DNSFilter users in several regions are able to login to the Dashboard at this time. We encourage users to attempt login to at this time.


There are no new status updates from Auth0 - however, we are receiving reports that a portion of DNSFilter users are again able to sign in. It appears parts of Auth0 regions may be coming back online. At the moment, we are still continuing to treat this as an outage until receiving an official all-clear message from Auth0. We will continue to provide periodic updates.

Problem Identified

At approximately 16:09 UTC today, our Dashboards became unavailable due to a nationwide outage with our authentication provider (Auth0).

All filtering and threat protection remains fully operational.

We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. Our Support team has complete access to back backend changes at your request. If you need important changes made, please feel free to reach out to and we can assist you.

We understand the pain and frustration and can help facilitate your requests to ensure you get what you need until Auth0 gets its systems back online.


We are aware of an issue that is causing an error upon logging into the DNSFilter dashboard. We are actively working to resolve this issue. The API (Permanent Tokens) and DNS resolution should not be affected.